Mothersun and the Captain is a retail brand that makes clothing and products for the Millennial Mother and her family.  The company makes the coolest trucker hats in the market, THE MOST cozy bamboo USA made tanks (they are the best nursing friendly tanks too!), thoughtful coffee mugs, and home decor.  In July of 2018, the company is launching the very first Mothersun Course that will teach women how to build their own Shopify websites, sell their products and market their dreams.  Mothersun is a hub for Mothers to gather, learn, support and be supported, grow dream greatly, empower themselves, and learn about ways to teach their children about sustainability, crystal power, and affirmation work.  

You can find us here @mothersunandthecaptain 



After getting her degree in Fine Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Lindsey Mickelson worked in the marketing department of the biggest luxury retail fashion company in Santa Barbara. She helped run the backend of the retail website, all online marketing and print advertisement, events, photography, and product shooting.  When the market crashed in 2008, Mickelson quit and started her own apparel business and it eventually turned into a commercial screen printing shop. Mickelson owned and operating CMND-Z Print Shop an 
Art Apparel from 2008-2014. 


Lindsey sold her print shop after she gave birth to her daughter Soleil (sun in French) in 2014. She took a break to focus on motherhood and her new baby. In 2015 she began to develop Mothersun and the Captain and soon after she became a single mom and was supporting her daughter on her own. Mothersun and the Captain became a her safe sanctuary where she could surround herself with her positive affirmations and empowering Goddess illustrations.  The products she made during that time really set the foundation for what Mothersun's purpose is here on Earth.  Lindsey's goal with the company is to make products that can help empower women and to continue to create a community of love and support for women everywhere who need this deep connection to keep powering through motherhood and our every day lives.

In 2017, this Magical Woman, Elise Nicole Kirkpatrick stepped in to join Lindsey in her cosmic quest to build this community...


This high vibe woman is an oracle card reader, a yoga instructor, a doula and aspiring midwife, reiki practitioner, and produces women's moon circles. Can we say hustle and align (stardust)?! Starting at the age of 18, Nicole traveled the islands of the pacific for over a decade, until she settled down in Hawai'i and gave birth to her daughter Harlow in her home, then 2 years later Taj (be sure to watch his birth video.. link is in her IG bio).

Elise raised her babes on the beaches and in the waterfalls of Hawai’i which is where, in 2014 she designed and produced the “Stay at Beach Mom” hat, which grew quickly and organically via the coconut wireless and her blog Salt Water Diary. Always up for adventure, she spent over a year rambling in her “Bliss Bus” all across the US with babes in tow, and during that time, our cosmic collaboration came to life. Since her home on the road was staying centered in her heart, “Stay at OM Mom” was born into the Mothersun collection along with a handful of other mystical designs. Elise Nicole is a spiritually empowering sister and friend who encourages all around her to focus on rising into their divine purpose and to turn their attention to intention and become aware of their true beauty and strength that lies within. She’s a badass sovereign mama, who will rise above any challenge with grace and authenticity. Her true passion is gently guiding her babes to be the generation we’ve all been waiting for.. the peace keepers and the light workers. Follow along her journey @__elisenicole__ .